Laurie Morris

Vice President

ARF Financial

Laurie Morris is Vice President at ARF FInancial.

Laurie has been working with restaurants for the past 20 years. She works with restaurant groups from single operations up to 50+ multi units.

ARF Financial is a commercial lender who works with bank partners to provide a variety of financial services for restaurants and retailers nationwide. The challenge most of her clients face is needing quick access to working capital to expand or renovate their business or they’re simply a need of additional capital for cash flow. Most operators are stressed because they are either undercapitalized, leveraged with collateral requirements with their current bank, or frustrated with the process of obtaining traditional financing.

ARF helps clients obtain the capital they need to grow their business without the stringent documentation or collateral required from traditional banks. They are not a cash advance company but an FDIC-regulated financial services firm with many years of experience.

Laurie has worked with recognized chains such as McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wing Stop, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and many more. ARF is a preferred member of the Coalition of Franchisee Association which is selected by a board of franchisors to help franchisees nationwide.

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