Louise Smith


Prestige Capital Partners

Louise Smith is CEO, Prestige Capital Partners.


Louise Smith is the founder and CEO of Prestige Capital Partners, a company which specializes in project funding.

Operating across a broad platform, utilizing institutional and private investor capital, we secure funding for projects in need of capital. We specialize in project funding using our extensive network of institutions and are able to place funding for projects of any size, geography and sector.

Funding can come in the form of debt, private equity, venture capital or a combination of all three.

Having worked and operated in the regulated financial services industry, we bring with us a level of professionalism when dealing with both the project sponsors as well as the funders. Our job is to analyze projects and present them in a professional yet compelling manner so as to peak our funder’s interest. We do this by gaining a full understanding of our funders and how they operate, their process and how they structure their funding packages. By understanding the process from a funder’s point of view, we’re able to present projects which match objectives.

Louise has an extensive background in finance which stretches back over 25 years, having trained and qualified in regulated financial services in three countries. She is also the Senior Executive Advisor to an investment fund regulated by the SEC in the United States named Titanium Capital. This fund offers absolute returns with assets under management in the tens of millions.

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