5 Ways To Motivate Your Business Partner

 Running a business can be draining. Since the business is yours, you’re involved in every facet and want to work as hard as needed to make it a success. Sometimes, it might be a good idea to join forces with the help of a business partner. You might choose someone because of previous work history or a personal friendship. Regardless, having someone to start a business with can help alleviate the stress — right?

Two heads are often better than one, except when they aren’t on the same page. Sometimes you and your partner may not see things the same way, or you may feel like you are putting in more than your fair share of the effort. Getting a business partner to work harder may take some motivation and a few changes for you both.

1. Talk It Out

 There is a reason the two of you joined forces. If there are problems, the first step is to talk it out. Don’t talk to your partner with an accusatory tone, but rather be sure to have a reasonable list of things that can be tweaked that benefit the business.

2. Plan Together

Setting goals is a great way to re-engage a distant business partner. Gather the business stats and sit down together to see how they stack up to predictions and expectations. Take that information to set new goals for the business.

3. Assign Tasks and Duties

Since you’re both equals, you need to act like it. Decide together who is responsible for certain facets of the business. One of you may be better at finance while the other has a way with consumers. Take on roles that accentuate your natural and professional abilities.

4. Celebrate the Wins

 Even though you’re working like a dog, the venture is taking off. Nothing motivates people like success, especially if it translates to money. Celebrate the wins as they come. If you meet or exceed a particular goal, no matter how insignificant, take the time to enjoy it. Keeping a business partner engaged is a key way to keep them committed to the task at hand.

5. Have Some Fun with your Business

If you tend to obsess about every little thing, then step back and do something fun – together. Find an activity you both like or have never done before, and go for it. Reconnecting and bonding over something unrelated to the business may be all you both need to get back into a groove.

A business partner should be a help, not a hindrance. While disagreements and different styles are normal, an ongoing rift is not. Motivating your partner may require some patience and outside-the-box thinking, or it may just take open and honest communication.

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